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Re: New Packs/Game Crashing

by jpkarlsen

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New Packs/Game Crashing

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Heya! Tonight I made the plunge and downloaded some new packs. I tried to play the game and try to play (after making sure all packs are 100% downloaded). I pressed play the white screen came up and then suddenly crashed. So I used the repair option on origin, it is able to go to the menu now but it still crashes. I have already tried moving the mods folder out and deleting Gameversion but nothing has changed. I have windows 10. 8gb of RAM and more than enough memory to play. I'll keep on trying and will update this if I somehow fix it.

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Re: New Packs/Game Crashing

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Please post a DxDiag.
You can attach the txt file directly to your answer.

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Re: New Packs/Game Crashing

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Sorry For The wait!!

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Re: New Packs/Game Crashing

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Your Graphics driver is very old. Please visit to upgrade it.

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