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New EA Folder When I Open the Game

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My game has been running just fine. I had the WhickedWhims mod and everything seemed to be operating normally. The issue came when I tried to introduce packages to the mods folder (these were extensions for the mod). Every time I open the game it now creates an EA folder in the Documents folder on my PC, rather than the hard drive that the game is located on. Unless I keep this folder where it is, the game completely restarts (the mods are invisible in game with and without the folder). I've tried deleting the folder, merging it, replacing it with the one located on the drive, uninstalling and redownloading the game. The interesting thing is that all brand new documents on my computer are supposed to go directly onto the drive. The game seems to be overriding this somehow. There is not nearly enough space on my computer as is to operate the game from there. Please help!

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Re: New EA Folder When I Open the Game

@hoodiekid666 If you are not using the default folder location you need to tell us where the new location is and how you moved it. If you used symbolic link that creates a hidden file in the original folder and if you delete the original folder the link will no longer work/


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