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Need help downloding seasons

by w3m3

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Need help downloding seasons

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im Having trouble downlodeing seasons I pre order it and it will not downlode and I really want to play with seasons but I cant 


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Re: Need help downloding seasons

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1. If you do not have it on Origin:
When you pre-order the game they just put a hold on the money but don't actually charge you. Which means if you use the money before the game comes out, it won't work. So you will have to check if you didn't use the money already.
2.  If you have it, but you can not download it
Clean your Origin cache
If it is not working - reinstal Origin - after unistaling the Origin manualy run Ccleaner and it's registry cleaner to clear up any temporary, internet cache and other files like Origin files that are left behind ;
How to use CCleaner to fix PC issues
Download Origin
Restart the computer and launch Origin as a Administrator - right click Origin button "Ran as Administrator "
I do't work for EA

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