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by Darthmauler2

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There is a problem with the new EP. The issue appears to be when characters visit beaches in a club environment:


. Characters standing around doing nothing, will not obey commands, will not do anything.


. Boats added on build mode have vanished when I visit the beach lot.


. Characters refusing to go home, and just standing around. I did get one character to go home, and she vanished, but the icon over her avatar did not show that she was at home.


I have removed all mods and scripts on the options and restarted the game and the computer, but I still have the same issue. Everything is fine with my computer. Tried repair. Therefore, I believe it is a game issue and nothing to do with anything at my end. The Sims 4 ran fine until this latest EP.


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Along with removing (not disabling) mods / cc the localthumbcache.package needs to be deleted.
Please see tips for troubleshooting.
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