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My Sims 3 kept crashing out of nowhere, I tried all the things that I have read on multiple different forums and nothing worked so I had to uninstall Sims 3 and the EA app from my computer (PC). I've now reinstalled them and the welcome screen on the Sims 3 Launcher is blank and every time I try to download something from the Sims 3 Exchange it says "there was an error while downloading content. Please see the log for more details". I don't know what this means and I've tried everything that the forums suggest! Please help Frown

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@Bellsie_2    To get the launcher working you have to clear Edge browser history. It doesn't matter if you use Edge or not. Open Edge. Click settings (...) in the upper right. Click settings. Click Privacy, search and services. In Clear browser data for Internet Explorer.  In clear browser data now click Choose what to clear. In the new box click delete. close Edge - try launcher. What are you trying the download - dlc from the store? Most (but not all ) of functions are now available in game by going to the options menu (...) in lower left you will find Open Downloads Dashboard and Player Profile and Wall. I was able to get my sims from the exchange in cas.   hth

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