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My sims4 game won't start.

by KimiYuriOfficial

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My sims4 game won't start.

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Sims 4 opens but once it gets to logo it closes and shows an error message saying that sims 4 has stopped working- and that's it. I do of course have mods, my mods weren't working so i repair sims and did the 50/50 method. But as soon as I put in my last mods it stop working- so i took them out again and it still refuses to work. the mods i put in used to work.

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Re: My sims4 game won't start.

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I having same problem too and what kind of mod do you put in last?

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Re: My sims4 game won't start.

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Remove all of them to see if the game starts.
For example, move the mods folder from C:\Users\Username\Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 4 to your Desktop and start the game.


Some mods might not work together, so even if the game starts with two mods separately, it might not work with both of them.


If that works but you want to keep your mods, you can try some different things to sort out the ones not working:

  • If your problem occurred after a certain mod haul, remove all these new mods (see if the game works), and then add back a few at a time, restarting the game in between until you see the problem occurring again. Remember that you can possibly have several broken mods.
  • If the problem started after the latest patch/update, always make sure to update your mods when you update your game. Check this list out for some mods that were broken in the Jungle Adventure patch
  • Download Sims 4 Studio and do batch-fixes for your cc.
  • Search for the Mod Conflict Detector on google and run it, see if it can detect some broken/conflicting mods, remove these and try your game again. (Only detects conflicts between mods, not between mods and the game)
  • Like the first "solution", but for all your mods. Remove all and put back some at a time to find broken ones (last resort if you have like 1000 mods).


If you cannot get it to start even without the mods,

Reset your files to factory settings


  • Make a backup; copy your The Sims 4-folder from C:\Users\Username\Documents\Electronic Arts to an external drive or somewhere else on your computer, for example your desktop.
  • Rename the The Sims 4-folder in C:\Users\Username\Documents\Electronic Arts to The Sims 4_backup
  • Start the game, make a new save, and see if the error is gone. 
    (The game will have created a new The Sims 4-folder in your documents, this is supposed to happen)

    • If yes, continue
    • If no, post a reply telling us the error is still there
  • Start putting folders back in the new The Sims 4-folder. Observe! After every file/folder, start the game and make sure it still works, before putting in the next one.
    • Options.ini - your game settings
    • Saves - your old saves. The sub-folders are not needed. If putting these back causes problem, try putting one back at a time.
    • Screenshots
    • Custom music - if you have any
    • Tray - your library objects; like lots, rooms and sims
    • Mods - your mods and cc, might cause problems when putting back

If putting back one of the folders was problematic and you did not work it out, please post a reply and we'll see if we can find what your problem is!



Good Luck! Standard smile

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