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My played games/households don't show up

by Bompen87

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My played games/households don't show up

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I'm having problems accessing my households from within the worlds.
I can reach them from de head/start menue, but they only show up one at a time.


Say I want ty play Family A, last time I played Family B. Family B is visible in the world view, family A isn't. I go to load my Family A game, and when I get back to the world view Family B is gone. It's like the game will only recognize one game at a time, only one game shows up on the "list" of worlds at a time.


I have removed al my CC, uninstalled and installed the game and all my packs+expansions and none of it helps. ANy thought or ideas about how I can solve this? It's not really a BIG problem, but it's annoying..

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