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My last name is "disallowed" in the sims

by JoJoBirdzz

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My last name is "disallowed" in the sims

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I have a family with the last name "Peacock" in the sims. It's a real surname that exists out in the real world all over America. I can't use it because it has a "disallowed word" 

It's a bird and its MY last name! Is there a way for me to get the game to allow it? Should I misspell the name? 

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Re: My last name is "disallowed" in the sims

@JoJoBirdzz I understand what you are saying but censorship has become a red hot topic in the US of A these last few years. American elected officials are using four letter words when they are speaking and social media is banning accounts and deleting posts (what ever happened to the first amendment - freedom of speech?). This game has an ESRB rating of teen. The game filters out anything (shape or form) that tries to raise the rating. Politics has been reduced to mud slinging. I think it's wrong as the politicians were elected to represent the people that elected them and they should be setting an example of the highest standards. So much for being nice and serving the people. As this is a game with a young player base, the game (programmers) have to be careful and cover all the bases. Without getting long winded there are other meanings - a male rooster or to pull the trigger back on a single action pistol or shotgun. Unfortunately the censors have deemed this off base. I don't make the rules I just play the game.


I do not work for EA or associated with EA other then helping other users in the forums.
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