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My game has reset itself but saves are still there... HELP

by BlueMistake1

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My game has reset itself but saves are still there... HELP

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I was on a cc downloading spree, it's something I've only gotten into recently so I didn't know I should back stuff up etc. I don't even know what it's recommended I back up! I downloaded a whole heap prior to having this issue, and my game was working fine with it all there. But I downloaded some more and put it in the Mods folder.

I was excited to check out all my new cc and mods, opened the game up and it popped up with "New Items! Check gold blah blah something" because a few months ago I downloaded the free Holiday Stuff pack. This confused me, but I clicked on the play button to find that my game had pretty much reset itself. It was giving me tutorial prompts and I clicked the randomise button several times, hoping that some of the cc I downloaded would show up. Nopeee. I checked through to find that nothing but the base game's stuff (and the holiday pack) was there. Checked my gallery/library to see if I could load in one of the households I'd previously made (but hadn't uploaded to the internet) but it had been wiped clean except for the starter households and lots that are automatically in there when you start your game. How wonderful >Frown *much anger*


I've tried to look around on the internet for a solution, but nothing has helped. My mods were all still in their folder. I have since moved them into a folder on my desktop titled "Plz let TS4 work"

I tried to take one out and put it in the Mods folder to see if it would show up in game. It didn't. I tried to download three new ones from the internet to see if they would show up. They didn't.


I've read other people's threads. A few people mentioned that maybe the person accidentally dragged and dropped a file/folder/something elsewhere. I don't imagine that this would've happened for me as everything in my Sims 4 folder is normal and nothing is missing.


People said their saves have disappeared from the saves folder. Mine haven't and are all still sitting there, but are not able to be seen/loaded in game. I created a random sim (let's call her Jill), moved them into a cheap lot and I pressed save. It did it's thing, and then I exited the game. I opened the game up again and it only had the play button. I created another sim (let's call him Jack), moved them into a house, saved and exited. Opened the game and it was a relief to finally see the "new game" and "load game" options. When I pressed the load game button, it took a while to load, but that save with Jack was the only one there.


If it makes any difference, I recently had my brother unlink my OneDrive from my computer, as it said it was almost 100% full and it was pissing me off. I'm unsure whether the game worked after that as I don't recall opening it to check. I don't know if he accidentally screwed anything up in the process, but I'll ask him to relink it tonight just to check if that caused it to stop working.


My screenshots are still there (all of which have been because I accidentally pressed C on the keyboard, oops Tongue out)

Everything looks just as it did before my game stopped working. Please help! I'm so confused Frown((




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Re: My game has reset itself but saves are still there... HELP


Hi @BlueMistake1


The way your describing this, it sounds like the game IS using a different folder. OneDrive IS a likely culprit so maybe it turned itself back on.


Did you check if you also have a sims folder there ?


Does the save you made actually show up in the saves folder you checked (look at the file date) ? If not, it is probably somewhere else and that's the folder the game is using


As for the new/load button not showing, that's a known bug if you create a sim and not move him in.

Happy Gaming


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Please only contact me via PM when asked to do so.

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Re: My game has reset itself but saves are still there... HELP

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Thank you! I will try this, hopefully it will work Standard smile

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