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My game crashes when changing the screen resolution

by modisella

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My game crashes when changing the screen resolution

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Okay so im gonna take u guys all the way to the beginning in hopes someone can help me with this.


Last night I wanted to play sims 3 but I always have lagging issues etc. So i was looking up videos to speed up my game and i found that downloading nrass mods helps and also ccleaner. I downloaded Nrass mods such as story progression,overwatch,master controller,integration to speed up cas (ALL UP TO DATE) then i realized i didnt need story progression so i uninstalled it and afterwards deleted my cache files (like I usually do) THATS WHEN EVERYTHING WENT WRONG I went to start up my game and opened my launcher like normal clicked play and it went to a black screen as if it was about to start then IMMEDIATELY crashed. I was like oh great the Nrass mods did this. So i deleted EVERYTHING in my mods folder. And tried to start my game, clicked play IT crashed AGAIN. it kept crashing and crashing. so I repaired game through origin and it still crashed. At this point I thought "I guess ill just uninstall the sims and delete my whole folder and reinstall" I unplugged my laptop from my monitor (This is important for later which is why im mentioning it ) And i proceeded to reinstall everything. Took seven hours. While my laptop was on my bed NOT IN MY MONITOR LIKE USUAL I checked to see if my game would start. IT DID! i was so happy. Then i plugged it into my monitor and everything went wrong. It started like normal and then i got into my settings to fix my resolution and when i set it to the highest resolution like i always do it crashed. Now my game is completely unplayable unless its not plugged into my monitor. I dont know if it was the mods or what. But i literally deleted my account on my computer and made a new one. Tried changing the resolution and it CRASHED. at this point im so upset I just wanna play my game on my monitor. ALSO I WILL ADD (My other account on my pc works fine the resolution is fine so i havent even changed it) I dont know wtf is happening but will someone help me! (EA LIVE CHAT SAID THEY NEEDED TO SEND THIS TO SPECIALIST TEAM) my graphics card is up to date. Thank you in advance

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Re: My game crashes when changing the screen resolution

@modisella  Issues like this is why I don't recommend laptops as a gaming platform. First of all there is absolutely no information about your laptop. At this point there is no information about your video system in your laptop so everything is a guess at this point. You need to post your computer's dxdiag - link - how to post dxdiag  Also needed is make and model of your monitor and how it is connected to the laptop (DVI cable, HDMI cable, etc).


I do not work for EA or associated with EA other then helping other users in the forums.
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