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My Sims 4 game fails to start (no errors)

by pelayo319

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Re: My Sims 4 game fails to start (no errors)

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I Tried to get a refund from this game yesterday but Gamestop said "We don't take refunds of computer games" 


I have to get this game to work or else I'VE BEEN ROBBED! Confusedmileymad:

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Re: My Sims 4 game fails to start (no errors)

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So, since this worked for me, I figured I'd give a shot and post what I did. I did not reinstall origin or Sims 4 since I originally installed them, just an FYI. I also did not reboot my computer.


WARNING! - This instructional guide will cause your computer to look graphically messed up during launch, such as your desktop looking like a computer from the 1980's and basically all jacked up while the game launches. This is only temporary while the game launches and your computer will revert back to original settings when you exit the game.


1) Closed Origin completely ( This means logout and exit completely from Origin )

2) Right clicked Sims 4 Icon on my desktop

3) Selected Properties

4) Clicked on Compatibility Tab

5) Selected the Run as Admin check box ( Yes, this means turn it on )

6) I did NOT change Compatibility Mode ( I am running Windows 7 by the way )

7) I than decided to troubleshoot the remaining 5 settings all at once ( By this, I mean I checked ( Turned On ) all the Settings aka Run in 256 colors, Run in 640x480 and so on )

8) Launched Sims 4

9) Logged into Origin

10) Sims 4 Launched Successfully


Sorry that I don't know which one fixed it because after I got Sims 4 to launch, I tried to single out which one the settings I changed fixed it, but after turning all the settings back to default ( Turned Off ) I was still able to launch Sims 4. I don't know what happened or what fixed my issue, but all I know is, Sims 4 now works.

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Re: My Sims 4 game fails to start (no errors)

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Worked finally!!!! Thank you!!! But now it froze on craft a Sim!! Lol.... Just happy that after 3 days something happened!! :womanvery-happy:

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Re: My Sims 4 game fails to start (no errors)

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OK... Now it worked for a whole 10 minutes... Started create a Sim.... Froze... Had to restart computer, tried that again.. Weird pixely graphics showed, then went back to normal and back to square one, Sims 4 not playing!....



OK it worked again just had to completely get out of origin!

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Re: My Sims 4 game fails to start (no errors)

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i downloaded sims 4 in october and i last played it 4 weeks ago, i go on to sims, choose the lot and then when it loads the lot it crashes and it wont let me back on. Has this happened to you before?  

Do you know how to fix it so it doesn't crash anymore? I dont want to have to reinstall the game or restart my laptop.

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Re: My Sims 4 game fails to start (no errors)

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Couldn't find the Origin cache
I'm using Windows XP(sp3)
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Re: My Sims 4 game fails to start (no errors)

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What if i have a mac? I NEED THIS COMPUTER FOR SCHOOL TOO, if i wipe everything is gone because my harddrive dosent work either.


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Re: My Sims 4 game fails to start (no errors)

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thank you so much! it worked. right now i'm happily playing the sims again, i do thank you so much. Standard smile


EDIT: what happened was my sims game wasn't telling me that it needed to be updated, and therefore i couldn't play. after deleting those files, it told me that the sims 4 needed to be updated, and it worked. thanks! Standard smile

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Re: My Sims 4 game fails to start (no errors)

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this is happening to me, apparently it is something to do with custom content. I don't have any and its saying to me as well so don't worry.

@pelayo319 wrote:

I've tried unistalling and redownloading,

unistalling and reinstalling origin downloaded newly from the website,

performing a "repair" of the game through Origin,

restarting my computer (including the "clean boot"),

using the installer files located in the sims 4 "_installer" folder,

updating directx runtimes,

updated the visual redistributables,

running Origin as an administrator,

running The Sims 4 as an administrator,

running both Origing and The Sims 4 as an administrator at the same time,

allowing "ea acitvation" and "origin" on my firewall settings.


Nothing works, the game simply will not launch, there are no errors or any visual idications of any problems. I've tried to start the game through Origin as well as trying to run the game by using the executable. I try to play the game, my cursor spins, and nothing else happens. (Diagnostic report) (windows reliability report about the Sims 4 crash)


UPDATE: The CAS Demo works fine


UPDATE 2: Safe mode with networking does not work, Safe mode without networking does not work, cleaning registry with CCleaner does not work


UPDATE 3: Using the command line to perform a system check shows no errors, clearing all three origin cache folders does not work, using another user account does not work, windows update has no available updates, Origin in offline mode does not work


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Re: My Sims 4 game fails to start (no errors)

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@asimdolly wrote:

After speaking with an EA Rep, she told me to do this and it worked. Clear the Origin Cache. I'll copy and paste the instructions but please give credit to where it is due by clicking here and seeing her original post:




Try Clearing out the origin cache


  1. Ensure Origin is fully closed by clicking the Origin Menu and selecting Exit.
  2. Delete the following folders:
  • Origin folder - Found in C:\ProgramData\
  • Origin folder - Found in C:\Users\%USERNAME%\AppData\Local\
  • Origin folder - Found in C:\Users\%USERNAME%\AppData\Roaming\
  • Note: These folders are hidden by default, and the player will need to un-hide to be able to locate them.

to unhide folders:

-type folder options in the search field in the start menu

-click on the view tab

-under the hidden folders options click show hidden files, folders, and drives- apply the setting and click ok



My game is up and running now....  Confusedmileyvery-happy:

I had the same problem with the spinning wheel and then nothing happening. Like everyone else, I thought I had tried everything. Finally, THIS worked for me. THANK YOU!

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