Re: My Sims 3 Generations is installed but doesn't show up in the game

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My Sims 3 Generations is installed but doesn't show up in the game

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I am also having the same issue, I had it on a different laptop and it worked fine then i bought a new laptop and now it doesnt show in my launcher, i have called EA several times and they keep telling me that this is an issue they are working to resolve but I have been 2 months now trying to figure out how to fix this problem. I have installed Ea app and that didnt work, I installed origin and that didnt work. I have uninstalled and reinstalled several times both apps and the game. Still not working. I have spent several days working to try and figure out what is the problem and still no answers.

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Re: My Sims 3 Generations is installed but doesn't show up in the game

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Hey there @rue3211,


I've split your post into it's own thread to avoid necro-posting.


Is it just one pack you're having issues with, and did you purchase this pack directly through Origin? 


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Re: My Sims 3 Generations is installed but doesn't show up in the game

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Did you purchase it through Origin or through the old EA "Sims 3" online store? I've had issues since the upgrade to the new app. It does not see that you own content anymore depending where/how you bought it. If it doesn't see you own it, it blocks it from showing up in game.


I quit playing my ea games because ever since the upgrade to the new app, all content purchased through the old Sims 3 online store keeps showing I never purchased it even though I did and it is installed. While they attempt to fix this bug, it will sporadically work, then quit working again.


I decided to try again and the content was there yesterday. Today it is once again not showing content bought through the old Sims 3 online store and the app shows I don't own it, so it's blocking it from being usable or showing up in the game.


It would be lovely if they could fix this bug for good so it recognizes purchases made regardless of the ea platform: the old Sims3 online store, physical discs, in game, or on Origin.


Looks like I'll be taking months off ea/origin again in hopes they one day fix this bug.

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Re: My Sims 3 Generations is installed but doesn't show up in the game

@lgaudet When you install TS3 from the physical disk you install the DRM SecuROM and SafeDisc. SecuROM is a rootkit with root privileges. SafeDisc requires the latest released to market disk you own in the optical drive to play. You need the manual 1.67 super patcher that will trigger auto patch to version 1.69 to remove SecuROM and SafeDisc. You have to patch to be able to run all expansion packs. Downloading from the EA app using the open downloads dashboard does the same thing in one step as opposed to using the launcher downloads tab. The EA app is meant to replace Origin for pc users. Origin is now slanted for mac users. Origin redirects pc users to an EA app but I don't think it's the same as EA app (an EA app like launcher?). There is at least two version of the EA app - EA BETA and EA. Don't use the EA BETA. The store has always had issues. Much of the site features are now available in the game. Three weeks ago I did a complete fresh re install of TS3 using only the EA app. I used the in game option open downloads dashboard to install store items- open downloads dashboard. Origin was uninstalled when I installed the EA app (not EA beta). I was able to recover my sims from the Exchange in cas. My game has been stable (store items stay installed) since the re install. You can access the sims profile and wall from in game option. These changes could mean both Origin and may go away some day. There is a back door to the store but it looks like it still needs work. There is a tab with the sim money sign that says store but it doesn't work (yet).  The open downloads dashboard works by clicking download - this downloads AND installs items to the launcher download page in one click. Just checked store is working using the back door. I don't see the exchange or my studio (yet?). All I can say is the EA app (not the EA Beta) is stable and very playable.


I do not work for EA or associated with EA other then helping other users in the forums.

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Re: My Sims 3 Generations is installed but doesn't show up in the game

@lgaudet  Sims 3 Generations is an expansion pack and is therefore installed through a game launcher or via disc.  It has nothing to do with the Sims 3 Store missing content issue, which only applies to the content downloaded through the store site.


I don't work for EA. I'm just trying to help fellow players with their games.
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