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My Family Has Disappeared

by aekell17

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My Family Has Disappeared

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My family has disappeared. It's like they have travelled to another lot but I cannot get them to come home. I have tried exiting the game, deleting the family and restarting, evicting the family then moving them back in to the house, even creating another family on another lot. Same thing happens with the new family. When I leave the lot then come back the family is not there, they are greyed out, with lightening bolts on the right top side of their photos. My only option is self care. I having tried the repair option in Origin but that did not help. I'm lost. 


Using Windows.

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Dot.: My Family Has Disappeared

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Unfortunately, this is a game bug, but EA announced that they are already working on the repair so you have to wait for the next patch,
Have a look here and click ME TOO in the first post.
Maybe, for now, try to play only one family, this one what is OK?

I don't work for EA
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