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Money tree doesn't work

by peach77

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Money tree doesn't work

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I have a fresh installation of the game with all the packs, and with the latest updates. In my game I have a family with a money tree. When looking at the tree it says that it is in a growing season, as it should. But the issue is that the money tree doesn't produce anything at any season. I have tried moving to a different lot, replanting it and it grows normally up until it should produce fruits, nothing seems to work. Otherwise the plants are working normally, the only issue is with the money tree. Any ideas how to solve this?

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Re: Money tree doesn't work


Money trees take an extraordinary amount of time to become mature (my opinion).

If the tree is moved to household inventory any "fruit" from it will show up there. 

Not sure if the June patch made any unexpected changes. Admittedly I have not grown one since installing Island Living.

If you have any mods or cc please remove them and delete any cache files. 

Try the game without them as a test.


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