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Re: Mods are listed on game but doesn't work on CAS

by SheriGR

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Mods are listed on game but doesn't work on CAS

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I have tried everything

My mods are in Documents>Electronic Arts>The Sims 4>Mods

I have enabled the Mods in Game Options

I tried to download a new resource cfg file

None of it worked!

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Re: Mods are listed on game but doesn't work on CAS

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Please try the following exactly as listed - in the order given. This will get you a repaired game, a new and clean Mod folder and mod config file, and will set you up for testing if you mods are working and is any of them are interfering with each other or the game:


  • Please copy the Mods folder from your 'The Sims 4' folder to your desktop (for future reference) then delete the mods folder and the localthumbnailcache.package file in your 'The Sims 4' folder and restart the game and so that the game will re-create the folder.
  • Then run a game repair [ Open Origin, click 'Game Library' then right-click Sims 4 > Repair Game ]. After that, please see if the issue has stopped.
  • Then you can re-add your mods/cc one at a time to test - but do not re-add the old config file from the old mods folder, as it is possible for it to have become corrupted also.
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