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Re: Mods and CC do not appear in Game

by crinrict

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Mods and CC do not appear in Game

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I recently had issues with my Windows 10 OneDrive account, so I unlinked it from my laptop. Next time I opened the Sims 4 all my saved games were gone although the original file was still intact. I got over that because I was looking to start over anyways, but although my Mods folder had just been working and hadn't been touched before and after I unlinked OneDrive, the files were not appearing in my game. So I cut and pasted the folder to my desktop and reloaded the game to regenerate the folder. After multiple tries this still was not working, and like an idiot I deleted my Sims 4 folder as I'd read it would regenerate as well. After uninstalling and reinstalling the entire game, EP's and everything, I found the folder again and moved it back to the Electronic Arts folder. I've restarted the game dozens of times with various Mod/CC files and still the game doesn't acknowledge them anywhere.

Script Mods and CC are turned on in my game and I currently have no subfolders in my Mod folder, the resource file is also in there. My Sims 4 game itself runs perfectly fine, new saves stay and all's good, I just want my mods and CC to work.

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Re: Mods and CC do not appear in Game


Hi @bumbersnoot


are the saves there ? Is the problem just mods/cc or all your Sims files ?



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