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Re: Modding Issue (Game Corruption)

by burin077

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Modding Issue (Game Corruption)

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I began playing The Sims a few months ago and I became slightly obsessed with it. Around a month after getting the game, I discovered modding and instantly became a modaholic. My first time modding went smoothly and I was able to add mods and cc without a hitch. Then, about a week or two ago, I ran into an issue. Every time I would attempt to open my game, an error message would pop up saying my game was corrupted. When I removed my mods, it ran perfectly. I tried the elimination method and it didn’t matter what mod or cc it was, the game wouldn’t load. I’ve tried everything, doing research until my eyes started to hurt. I tried restarting my computer, reinstalling The Sims more than once, using cccleaner, even creating a new Windows account entirely, and nothing’s worked. I’m starting to loose hope that my game will ever work with cc or mods. The one thing I haven’t tried is uninstalling and reinstalling Origin, but I don’t know if that’s going to work. The last update was in February and all of my cc and mods are up to date. I don’t know if it’s an issue with my game, the gaming software, my account, my email, my EA account, or my entire computer. I just need help. If you have any suggestions or this has happened to you, it would mean the world if you commented and tried to help me with this. I hope you have a wonderful day and life treats you well.



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Re: Modding Issue (Game Corruption)

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Good evening @SubjectFood ;


It sounds like your latest save file might have run into some sort of issue; have you tried to restore a previous save file?

You can do so using the steps here from EA Help: How to Restore a Previous Saved Game


I would advise that you also copy the most current .save file into a separate location in case the steps in the link don't work; it doesn't sound like the file will work anymore, but until you're back to a playable state, it never hurts to hang onto it.


Kind Regards,


- B

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Re: Modding Issue (Game Corruption)

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Update: I tried deleting and redownloading Origin and it didn’t work. I also tried repairing the game. Didn’t work. Obviously. any other suggestions? Here is the error message.


Unable to start:


Cannot start because game data is missing or damaged. If you have Mods installed please remove them and try again. If not, please repair or reinstall the game via Origin.



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Re: Modding Issue (Game Corruption)

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Err, not what I suggested, but okay.

If you're at that point, I found a previous topic that recommends a Clean Install of the game. I would move your Mods/Saves to a separate folder before you attempt to do this:


- Uninstall Sims 4.

- Delete everything Sims 4 related from your Documents folder. (As I said, move your Mods/Saves first before you do this.)

 - If you can't remove/delete the Mods folder

   - Move the Mods folder to the Desktop temporarily

- Reinstall Sims 4.

- Make sure the game is able to run before reinstalling your Mods/Saves in the newly-created Mods folder.


Referenced Article:


Kind Regards,


- B

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