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Missing some content

by Lihtaruk

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Missing some content

★★ Novice

Around 2014 I made world New York City in sims 3 for my son. Today he's got excited and wanted to play it, but it doesn't load up properly. Seems like some stuff missing. Apartment constructions not there. I mostly bought things online and Target  next door, I see things that I had but its not there. I remember after buying Into the future pack from Target, I kept putting code 3 or 4 times to origin, now when I go to origin store it shows I don't own that expansion. I don't know where disk went kids kept getting it out of my shelf, now we can't find it. And I don't remember which expansion had those high rise apartment buildings that I build city with. Does this means it's gone for good or I have to buy things again? 

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Re: Missing some content

@Lihtaruk  The highrise apartments came with Late Night.  It's possible you're missing other content as well, but the only way to tell would be to compare your former and current lists of installed packs.


When Origin doesn't recognize ownership of certain packs, there are a few different causes.  The first is that Origin's cache has stale information, and you need to clear it to force a refresh.  If that doesn't help, you can uninstall "the hard way" and reinstall.


Another possibility is that you originally registered Into the Future (and possibly Late Night, and maybe other packs as well) on a different account than your current Origin one.  Even if you just created a Sims 3 store account and added the packs there, that would count—the store and Origin share information.


If you can track down that account, you can ask EA customer support to have it merged with your current one.  Keep in mind that any store content owned by the merged account, i.e. the one that disappears, will likely not transfer over to the other.


The last possibility is that your packs were deactivated.  This is usually due to bad codes—EA does an accounting sweep and cancels them months or years after the fact, despite the players not knowing there was a problem.  It can also happen by mistake.  But the only way to get it sorted out is to contact EA support and specifically ask what happened to the packs you owned.


If you do want to track down your codes, they may still be on an old computer.  Here's how to find them:





I don't work for EA. I'm just trying to help fellow players with their games.
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Re: Missing some content

★★ Novice

Thanks a lot for your time for explaining.My case was easier than this, even thought it doesn't show me as owner its still put it in during installation. And late night- even thought it wasn't showing anywhere in my history or owned packs, turned out my son just had to activate it at launcher before start playing.

 I want to leave this post as it is, I think someone may need information you provided.

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