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Missing saves

by Crazzy8855

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Missing saves

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Is anyone else having this problem? On Tuesday I played my game, saved it a few times while playing, and save when I quit the game. But on Wednesday when I launch Sims 4, it acted like it was my first time launching and there was no option to load my previous games. I went into Documents> Electronic Arts> The Sims 4> saves but the folder was completely empty! I did not do this! I didnt delete any of my save files. But when I contacted EA help, no one believed me. I didn't delete, move, or change the files in any way. I didn't mess with the settings. My computer didn't crash. But origin still says I played 161 hours. But my achievements are gone too. What a waste of time and money. Very disappointing. 

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Re: Missing saves

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@Crazzy8855 Can you check the Recycle bin or if you use a backup system like one drive to see if you see any saves?
- Illium

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