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Missing Saved Games after Sims4 Update

by bumble34

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Missing Saved Games after Sims4 Update

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Hi All, 

After the new update on the Sims 4 I have lost all my previous saved games. I have never had this problem before! 

There are saves up until the 19th June (just before the update) in the EA folder on my computer but when I load the game it's as if I'm playing for the first time - e.g. tutorial mode, make a sim, welcome messages and all. 
This have happened after the most recent update and I just thought I'd role with it and start a new family, but I have now lost them too Frown 

I have scrolled on the FAQs and help pages of EA but no luck, haven't called support yet, I have no mods just basic Sims 4, with Dining Out, Seasons, and City Living
Low key worried its a virus, but nothing else is affected - just sims wont save or they save for a few days then the game resets Frown

Anyone else had this problem?? or have a suggestion to help?



Thanks X

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