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Married Sims can't pass Lover status(iE become Soulmates)

by Nocard87

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Married Sims can't pass Lover status(iE become Soulmates)

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I got  the following issue with my married sims
Both my Sims are Married and BFFs and have 100% Romance and Friendship, and are yet still stuck at "Lovers" 
Neither traveling, nor the testingcheat-menu "Clear Marriage", followed by a new marriage seems to change anything in regards to the issue and they continue to be stuck at lovers.
Maybe I'm doing something wrong, but a quick Google search revealed that sims being unable to become soulmates have been an issue before. Sadly the last known way to fix it, was using a command which apparently got removed (relationship.destroy). That being said I tried the command anyway and it didn't work Frown
Is there another way to fix this?
Thanks in advance.    


Edit: maybe some additional information: 

Soulmates worked fine for me in the past and the current couple's relationship started a bit more than 1 Sim year (4 seasons a 28 days) ago. They married on a public avenue and I own all the expansions + game packs as well as luxury party, laundry day, and vintage glamour. One of them is a pre-made sim from the BFF household while the other was made in CAS

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Re: Married Sims can't pass Lover status(iE become Soulmates)

I do remember that bug and I don't think there was any other workaround at the time.

Are you playing on PC or Console ?

For PC, if you're not opposed to mods, you can try TwistedMexis AllCheatFix and then the cheat should work again so you can try if that workaround still works.

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