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Re: [MOD RELATED] sims 4 109:316070fc:8905b0ff error

by mortuumx29

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Re: Error Code (109:316070fc:bd1c3832)

@Gabrielle_KLsims Unfortunately I can't help you figure it out. It could be a conflict between mods or multiple mods causing it. You need to either try 50/50 again or check the list I linked above (post #11)

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Re: Error Code (109:316070fc:bd1c3832)

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@crinrict Ok thank you for trying to help me I'll try the 50/50 method again.
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Re: Error Code (109:316070fc:bd1c3832)

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@crinrict After hours of doing the 50/50 method, I found the culprit! So apparently I had a lost file from a very old version of MCCC but it was an NPCC zip file just chilling from January...and I had the new recent version of MCCC with all of its new files so I'm guessing they were clashing together. So if anyone has anything similar to me maybe check if you have an old file sitting somewhere.
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Re: [MOD RELATED] sims 4 109:316070fc:8905b0ff error

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@sims3isasowme It was the npcc mod for me too
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Re: Error code 109:316070fc:c43e13fe

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Thank you! Did you disable the mod or did you redownload it? I only have access to the public version, and that's last updated May 2020.

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