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[MOD RELATED] All my doors are missing/ Can't place doors

by Buggirlyy

Original Post

Script call failed

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With this new update, we received, has messed up the scripts in my game — both CC and non-CC. I can't put any doors in my house, and all of the electronics have been removed and placed in my inventory and are not able to be placed in my sims house. Every time I try to set a door or even these electronics, it says script failed. Now my sims are stuck in their room. How can this be fixed? 

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Re: Script call failed

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Re: Doors vanished from lots, can't place new ones?

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@jpkarlsen i did that it still didnt work for me
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Re: Script call failed

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So I  have taken out all my modes and now my game isn't working at what? 

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All my doors disappeared! (Sims 4 PC)

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So. My doors disappeared. I of course looked it up and found it was mod related. I disabled all my cc and mods and it worked! But now I can’t add all the doors back on places outside my lot! My sims live in an apartment and now they can’t get in because the wall I need to place a door on is considered “outside my owned area”! How do I fix this? Do I need to refurnish my whole apartment again and remake the household?

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Re: Script call failed

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What do you mean by "isn't working at all"?

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Re: Script call failed

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Have you moved your mods folder to the desktop?
If yes - now delete localthumbcache.package file in the game folder and fix the game in Origin.
It can help.
But there is a possibility that your current saves have been damaged. This mod isn't remaining only in the mods folder. It overwrites files in your saves folder also.
In this case, move the saves folder to the desktop. turn on the game and check if it will work now without mods and with virgin save folder
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Doors are gone and cant be placed

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After the 6/18/19 patch update, all of the doors in my game have disappeared. I am also receiving the error message "Script call failed" when trying to place a door. I noticed that computers seem to be missing as well from places such as the library.

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Re: Script Call Failed on doors?

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@SchrodingersKing Yeah same thing happened to me! I got a message from <Adult Mod> today as I updated the game today but as i was waiting for it to update, I downloaded some cc because of the <Adult Mod> mod message, I deleted all the cc I recently downloaded but still didn't work. I'm really confused and I don't think that it was my cc or mods.

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Re: Script Call Failed on doors?

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Removing WW as well as Basementals worked for me! 

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