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[MOD RELATED] All my doors are missing/ Can't place doors

by Buggirlyy

Original Post

Sims4 June18 update door issues

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Doors aren't working anymore!! I guess when they added swatches, my game glitched out and removed the doors from the buildings!! When I try to put them back, an error keeps popping up!!! "Script call failed" HELP

(Like if this happened to you so I'm not alone with Sims that are stuck inside and outside of buildings)

I'm on PC btw

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Re: Script call failed.

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I'm having the same issue. All of my doors have the script call fail... 

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Re: [MOD RELATED] All my doors are missing/ Can't place doors

@yellowgirllt  I've merged your post with the master thread on this issue.  It's mod-related, but the one(s) involved can't be mentioned on this forum.


I don't work for EA. I'm just trying to help fellow players with their games.
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Re: [Re-OPENED] Graphics Glitch - Disappearing Doors/Windows/Wall Objects

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Hello! Whenever I join in the game it says there is a script fail and only the doors disappear. It won't allow me to place any and it is really odd. Any idea how to combat this? Thanks xx

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Re: Doors vanished from lots, can't place new ones?

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i tried this i was still missing all doors and couldn't place any


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Re: All my doors are missing

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Man, I tried doing both methods but none of them worked and this is starting to irritate me. I want to put up my doors because I can’t go inside my house or even outside.

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Re: Sims 4 updated version has no doors




Merged your post with existing thread.


Please remove all your mods and try without.

Happy Gaming


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Re: [MOD RELATED] All my doors are missing/ Can't place doors

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I updated a whole bunch of mods before checking this one and it even says in the patch notes that it fixes the door issue with the new Sims update

It worked 


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Re: [MOD RELATED] All my doors are missing/ Can't place doors

[ Edited ]
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Same evening was fine until the update two days ago now all doors on houses have gone will there be any patches to correct this please as everything else is OK apart from the door on any lot you go the door s have been removed 


@kristina_ev Same heare after the last update two days ago all my doors have vanished on all the lots and when I try to add a door I keep getting scrip call failed what s going on I can't go in to my home or even out of the buildings


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Re: All my doors are missing

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same with me, laptops and doors say script fail

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