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Re: Script call failed

by toonarmynick

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Re: [MOD RELATED] All my doors are missing/ Can't place doors

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Okay, I had this problem and found this thread. I also have the "Mod that cannot be mentioned". But maybe something has changed, because although I had saved my game after the problem popped up, I was able to fix it. I just went into buy mode for the offending apartments, and when I visited them the next time, everything was back. Not saying it will work for everyone, only for that it worked for me. I also thought that if you could download the same apartments from the gallery and place them, that might fix it too. And I really think that there should be a Maxis contributor that has every original building and family in the game available for download all in one place for anyone who wants them back without having to start a new game and save them all.

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Re: Script call failed

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@nessatay2223 I was able to place non-cc arches. At east the sims can get into their houses now.
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Re: Script call failed

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Yep, experiencing the same problem. Only arches and gender-specific bathroom doors are allowed to be placed. 

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