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by SierraHudgins

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I have a very weird problem happening and I need it fixed. My sim started the detective career and I decided to rebuild the police station. I noticed that there's wasn't a lot of police items and I went to build the jail cells and realized that THERE ARE NO DOORS. The jail cell doors are missing but the cell bars are showing. Also the booking station is missing!! Someone please help! 


BTW: I have every pack up until Island Living and I play with CC.

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@SierraHudgins  Is it possible the doors are custom content, and they're there but not visible?  There's a current issue with cc doors and windows where they're no longer transparent, as in, you can see their frames but the walls show through them.  Sims can still use them though.  Here's the thread:


If that's not the issue, please test with no mods at all: move your Mods folder to the desktop and delete localthumbcache.package.  You don't have to save your progress; the point is to see whether the doors show up with no mods present.


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