Lost my old account

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Lost my old account

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Hello, dear community!


What does it take to get my old EA/Origin account back? I would like to play Sims 3 again (with Simpoints), but unfortunately, I can't remember my old account. Information I have: All the codes of my Sims games, my name (which should also be part of the old email address) and my date of birth. I was told by the support team to please provide the months of my purchases and my credit card number. However, this is useless as 1. I bought the majority of the games 7 years ago and can't remember the exact dates of purchase and 2. I bought all the games from an electronics shop. I never bought any games online through my old account. 

Is it really impossible to track down my old account?


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Re: Lost my old account

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Hi @218100935,

There isn't an alternative way to recover the account through the support team. You would need to be able to provide the information they ask in order to pass the security stage with them.

However, if you'd like to try to recover it yourself, without the support teams help, you can try loading up your old email addresses. Then in Origin, on the login screen, click 'reset password' and enter in the old email addresses one at a time. The password reset link will only deliver to email addresses registered to EA accounts. Once you know the old email registered to the old EA account, you can log back in and play from the EA account the game is registered too.

- EA_Lanna

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