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Re: Long travelling times

by jpkarlsen

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Long travelling times

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When my sims travel to a different lot for example nightclub, bar, restaurant the travel times are 3-5 mins. One time it was 7 minutes. The plumbob spins round normal then it stops/ pauses for about a minute then it spins again. It loads the lot ok but just takes a long time to get there. I have repaired the game and have taken out my cc/ mods. Any help would be appreciated 

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Re: Long travelling times

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Do you happen to have a rather large neighborhood, or a lot of Sims created? Multiple additional in-game features can weigh down performance whenever the game has to load something.


Taking out CC is a good step; do you have Sims 4 maintain online mode constantly while playing? Turning that off can be reduce load, too.


If you removed CC recently, also go ahead and remove the localthumbcache.package file from your Sims 4 folder under documents; it can be helpful as it takes out a step that the game would take to look for installed mods.


- B

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Re: Long travelling times

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Please post a DxDiag.
You can attach the txt file directly to your answer.

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Re: Long travelling times

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I do have lots of buildings in newcrest and families in each of the empty houses 

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Re: Long travelling times

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My Dxdiag 

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Re: Long travelling times

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Your main problem is that you only have 4GB RAM which means that there will be a lot of swapping to disk. If you want your game to be faster you need to upgrade with more RAM if it is possible. Look in your manual or take it to a shop.

Another issue is that your graphics driver is a year old. Visit to upgrade.

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Re: Long travelling times

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thank you for much for your help. I will try it and see if it works
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