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Last Exception for degree_tracker

by Pink_Ladybug94

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Re: Last Exception for degree_tracker

EA Sims Team

@Pink_Ladybug94 Can you specify what those exact cheats are that you're using, what you're typing into the cheat console? Thanks for the help!

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Re: Last Exception for degree_tracker

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Okay, I'll try.

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Re: Last Exception for degree_tracker

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I use these two cheats with twisted mexi's mod:






The other cheat I use is testingcheatsenabled true then I click on the sims for immediately enroll in university or to skip the wait time. 

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Re: Last Exception for degree_tracker

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Those are the same cheats I used as well. I hope this gets fixed soon, because while sometimes it's fun to take the time to do all the classes and studying with my Sims, other times I just want to rush through gameplay, like I do using other cheats, so it should be an option, imho.

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Re: Last Exception for degree_tracker

@BlackBirdBaby Thanks.

Cheats are not supported though and you always use them at your own risk so issues that are caused by cheats usually don't get high priority.

Happy Gaming


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Re: Last Exception for degree_tracker

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How hard can it be to change some codes in the lines to fix such problems? We all know devs have so many more cheats for themselves, why are they prioritizing *THOSE* cheats, wasting time on encoding them and such?


It is really awful of you to shrug it off like "you did it on your own risk". Like, seriously? This is EA games for freaking out loud, not like an indie game company. You are one of the biggest game companies ever and you won't even solve such trivial issues? Wow... So much for competence.


One might expect that such gigantic companies like EA Games -a company which doesn't even have a single competition in some game genres like the sims, a company that literally rules the industry- would actually have close-to-perfect customer service and solve any possible issues since there isn't any sort of their replacement... But that is too much to expect, I see. Seems like such gigantic company would not even bother hiring more than a single person to receive these bug reports, I haven't seen anyone but the "Crin" on these topics. You are excellent, EA! Thank you!




It came to my attention that no one submitted this issue so I decided to do it myself. I have played the university on 3 sims so far. There was this one time I have lost the presentation board somehow and I couldn't find it anywhere, then I made some research and found this mod which allowed me to get a brand new presentation board when I e-mailed professor.


[CM edit - removed mod link]


Well it was aaalll fine until my sim graduated university. For at least 2-3 months now, I have been receiving the same Last Exception regarding to presentation boards. When I contacted MCCC support discord, they told me it was about the cheat I have used to graduate one of those 3 sims (because he fell behind his pals) so yeah... I would very much like to figure out a way of getting rid of these LEs because it is so frustrating to get anxious over the idea that my save might get corrupt and I might lose all my legacy. Not that I don't occasionally save my households, builds etc.. but imagine being forced to build an entire save from scratch, all townies and houses and sims...


And also, it was at least 2 months ago and I have lost my pre-graduation sims. I have tested making a new save with the same sims, i keep getting these LEs in new saves too. I do not want to lose my sims, I can not even mimic their looks Frown


I would purge them of their reward traits, graduations, skills, everything if i had to, but not their pretty faces Frown


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Re: Last Exceptions about presentation boards & graduation (i suppose)

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Probably some files in the game folder were changed by this mod. You need a fresh delivery of these files.
Try doing a factory reset of the game folder as is described in this post.
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Re: Last Exceptions about presentation boards & graduation (i suppose)

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I do not need to do that since I already know exactly which sims are causing the problem. As I already said in my original post, I do not want to lose those sims. Visually.


SO, IF YOU HAVE AN ACTUAL FIX TO GETTING RID OF THE ERRORS, like a way of copying that sim's appearance WITHOUT copying their inventory, relations, traits, buffs, rewards, degree, etc. as a brand new sim, that would be great.


Oh dear, this game is broken. In sims 2 and sims 3 it was so easy to clone a sim and get rid of the old one if something messy like this ever happened. Easy peasy, the game treated copied sim as a brand new sim with zero progress recorded, the errors were gone. I didn't even need to contact anyone for any sort of help during the sims 2 era.

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Re: Last Exceptions about presentation boards & graduation (i suppose)

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This is just a replacement for the game management files with new ones. In the game folder, you have files such as Events or clientDB.packages and so on. Your saved sims will stay in the Tray folder and saved games will stay in the saves folder, each you will keep.
But this is only advice for the future because for now, it looks that you have got the same problem as described in these posts above,
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Re: Last Exceptions about presentation boards & graduation (i suppose)

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I'm having the same issue, also their degrees are all from the wrong Universities. Just a thought, I haven't tried this but I might, maybe you're up for it. What about starting the game with University disabled, then saving? I'd back everything up first (saves etc.). Just wondering if that would eliminate the degree tracker entirely. Then potentially re-enabling university may reset those sims.


Just a thought, as I said I may try it (i'm not just trying to throw someone else into the insane test fire lol). That LE is so annoying. 


Also, I did read on MCCC discord, a post saying the only way to get rid of it is to use MCCC, kill your sim and have another household member revive them. I tried it but it didn't work for me, I think it's a different sim that may or may not still be in my save.


Anyway, couple shots in the dark, Good luck, if I try it I'll update this.

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