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Re: Laptop advice?

by meg-sed

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Laptop advice?

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I'm looking to buy a new laptop as I just broke my old one. I'd need it primarily for doing my university work but once I finish my degree in January I'd want to use the same laptop to play Sims 4 again.

I've found these two laptops that I like the look of. Would these be okay for Sims 4?

They are out of stock in my area though so I'm stuck between waiting to see if they come back in stock, or try and find another. 

Please can anyone help?


My budget is £550 and I'm in the UK.



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Re: Laptop advice?

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@meg-sed  As it happens, you could get an entry-level gaming laptop for £500 right now.  This laptop would run Sims 4, all packs included, on ultra graphics settings, although only barely, but in-game performance is going to be significantly better than the laptops you linked, or really any other options in that price range.


If you're not interested in a gaming laptop though, there are plenty of similar options to the ones you listed that are currently in stock.  Here are a few that have the same specs as the £500 laptop you listed:


I can look for others as well; I didn't check all the usual sites, just half a dozen or so.  All of these have the same processor and integrated graphics chip, capable of running all Sims 4 packs on medium settings, but not really any more than that.  If you're interested in other details though, please let me know so I can search for that specifically.  There are too many similar laptops to list everything without knowing what else you might be looking for.


This one is equivalent to those above except for the larger hard drive.


There's no real point in waiting for the Asus to be back in stock; these are pretty much the same computer.  Still, if you really like the Asus, it would be reaonable to wait or to find it on a different site.


And if you have more questions, please feel free to ask.


I don't work for EA. I'm just trying to help fellow players with their games.
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Re: Laptop advice?

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Thanks for replying! I'll definitely take a look at them.


I'm not really interested in a gaming laptop. The only specific things I can think of that I want are  a screen that is bigger than 14" and something not too heavy/bulky so that I can use it on my commute to/from university. I quite like the look of the ergonomic keyboard on the ASUS I linked although I'm not sure how common this is on other laptops

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