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Lagging in game possible cause - please read

by Plankton027

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Lagging in game possible cause - please read

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Windows 10 Gaming mode causes Stuttering or lagging in my game.


I am not sure if this will help anyone but if you are having stuttering or lag issues in the game and are running windows 10 this is well worth trying as its a very quick test.

I had lagging in the game appear for no reason, I had not installed any more CC or added any more expansions and was tearing my hair out rrying to figure why it was happening.

Eventually I saw a news thread somewhere that mentioned issues with Windows 10 game mode and lagging in other titles (Sims4 not mentioned) and decided to try turning

Game mode off to see if that would resolve the issue. 2 weeks later and since turning off I have not had any further stutter or lagging issues in my own game.


For the Techys, I have not updated video drivers, repaired Sims/Origin installation, run dxdiag or re-installed DX, I have not added or removed any mods or CC during this period

I am running exactly the same config now as 2 weeks ago when i started testing, the only system change is turning off Gaming Mode.


To turn off Gaming Mode press the Win + I keys, select gaming and then select gaming mode. Turn off using the on/off switch.

If this does not resolve your issue follow the same steps and turn it back on.


There is no guarantee that this will resolve anyone else's problems but I think it is well worth trying as a quick and easy diagnostic step before having to look deeper into issues


It appears that Microsoft may have aknowledged that there is an issue with gaming mode and are looking to release a fix in the FAll/Autumn update if the following link is correct.


Maybe this will help some (not all) fix an issue very quickly and easily.

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