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Re: Just bought Dragon Valley, code doesn't work

by rumbutter

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Just bought Dragon Valley, code doesn't work

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Title explains it all. I just bought the Dragon Valley game, when I try to enter the code it tells me that it's already been used. I've tried to do it a few different ways, but it's not working. I'm so irritated, and the fact that it's near impossible to contact anyone who knows what to do besides a forum is silly, and then if I want a new code I have to send in the game I just bought and wait and pay money to ship for you guys to fix your problem!? That's not okay in my book. I just want an easy simple fix, that doesn't involve me spending my own money for something I'm not responsible for. :robotsad:

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Re: Just bought Dragon Valley, code doesn't work

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if you redeemd the code in your origin account this will make the code invalid th ecode needs to be redemmed in the sims 3 account


FAQ  store worlds


contact CS


1.  2.Set your language to US at the bottom  3.Describe your issue with a few words  4.Select Product: The Sims 3  5.Select Category: Billing/Purchasing or Account Management  6.Select Platform: PC  7.Click Find solution  8.Scroll down and click I still need help  9.Click Chat Now to chat with a Game Advisor

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