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It's almost 2020, and I STILL have the City Living Myshuno time bug???

by XnexusnyxX

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It's almost 2020, and I STILL have the City Living Myshuno time bug???

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I am completely done with this world. I've waited 3 years for this to be fixed, and there has been absolutely no fix whatsoever for it. FAST FORWARDING DOES NOT WORK IN MYSHUNO. Is there some way to somehow get a full CLEAN install of Myshuno somehow? As in, delete the world and install a new one? Because the world itself is completely broken!

Using the fastest speed DOES NOT SPEED UP THE GAME. Instead, it gives the illusion that time is passing, but as soon as you switch it back to regular speed, THE GAME LITERALLY REWINDS ITSELF. All of that progress I made when fast forward is GONE. It's like it never happened at all. The Sims are doing the exact thing they were doing right before you pressed fast forward. And any rising/falling Needs revert back to what they were before I fast forwarded. 

It Happens When...
Being in Myshuno (Living or just visiting from another world)
Living in any apartment (I've lived/played in all, and all have the bug)
Living in the one regular house lot (When I first played, I thought it was just the apartments - Nope, even the regular lot bugs out!)
Being in any community lot in Myshuno (Have been to all, none have proper fast forwarding)
Sims sleep (I have to let my Sims sleep at regular speed when in Myshuno, because the fast forward bug is still there. So I spend 30 minutes waiting to play my Sims each Sim night)
Sims go to work/school (Yep, it's here too. I cannot pass my Sims' work/school day in fast forward, so have to sit for at least another 30 every Sim day)

Before You Ask...
Yes, I have done every trick mentioned from every site that mentions this bug. Nothing works. I've repaired the game around 5 or 6 times, and that's just in the past year alone. Nope, no fix. I've uninstalled and reinstalled countless times to try to fix it, like some mentioned. Still no. Anything an EA staff or another smart person online has said to do, I've done it, and Myshuno is still unplayable, both for living and simply just visiting the world. 
Yes, fast forwarding in other worlds is 100% FUNCTIONAL. It's LITERALLY only Myshuno that does this. I can play in any world and the time does not glitch or bug at all. I can also use every item from the City Living pack in other worlds, and I can wear anything from CAS without issue. It's just the world itself that bugs out the game to a point where I cannot play in the world at all.
Yes, I've disabled mods, and also removed my mods folder from the game entirely many times. I've played this fully vanilla, and the time bug was still there regardless. 

As A Side Note...
The festival bug is still there, too. Festivals are constantly morphing into each other, Sims get stuck in them, it's just a giant mess. But luckily I can just ignore the festivals entirely to not cause problems. But I can't ignore this time bug. I can't just make my Sims stay away from it like I can make them stay away from the festival. 

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Re: It's almost 2020, and I STILL have the City Living Myshuno time bug???

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@XnexusnyxX I wasn't going to respond since it seems more of a complaint than a request for assistance, but since noone else replied either...

If you've already tried "everything" as you say, then I don't think there's much anyone can do.

It's not a bug with the game or else it would be happening to everyone. And it's not happening to me or many users at all or else the forum would be filled with this problem.

I've actually never even heard of it before.

I'm sorry I can't provide more assistance but as you said, you've already tried "everything".

I hope you get it figured out some day.
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Re: It's almost 2020, and I STILL have the City Living Myshuno time bug???

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@XnexusnyxX   There is a bug report on no ultra speed in apartments here:

Please click the button Me Too in the first post and if you think any information is needed, add it to the thread.

I am not sure what you mean by festivals morphing into eachother, but there was a bug fixed of the items from different festivals all on the same place, getting stuck into eachother. The report is here:

Is that what you mean? You might want to post in that thread then and explain your issue. Screenshots are always welcome. If it is not, please tell more about the issue.

I would advise you to first exit the game and delete the localthumbcache.package in The Sims 4 folder, in Documents>Electronic Arts. Also first try if the issue appears in a brand new folder, to completely exclude anything wrong with the files/folders in your regular one, as well as mods and CC. Here is how:

I agree with the previous poster though, and advise you to be respectful when posting in the bug threads. If the title does not say EA, anyone posting here are just players like you.

Otherwise I would just recommend not to buy a game while it is still being developed; and also choose the game producing company wisely. Supporting any consumer's rights organisation is a good tactic too. There is also a list of bugs you could go through, and click Me Too on to let the developers know how common they are, and if needed describe your issue in the thread:


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