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Re: Island Living is acting up

by Inq_Katarina

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Island Living is acting up

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I suppose this will be a dump of glitches/annoying occurences that have been showing up ever since I got Island Living:
1. bulldozed public lots that get changed to private remain public, thus preventing any sims from moving in. Funnily enough, this works backwards! I bulldozed the sports centre in Del Sol Valley weeks ago on this save and put a house in its place. The household now formally lives in the "gym" and it's no longer possible to visit them - the game will always tell me that nobody's home.
2. equip/remove trait cheats are no longer working.
3. boatloads of NPCs are spawning - I can barely keep up with deleting useless townies that are not in services
4. NPCs started roaming around my lot as if it were a public lot - notably, it hasn't been affected by the glitch mentioned in 1st point. They waltz in, use the pc/tv, get food from the fridge. It's not possible to show them out either, as if the game didn't register the tresspass. None of the sims in the lot is famous, not even a little bit.

Expansion packs installed : City Living, Island Living, Cats & Dogs, Get to Work, Seasons, Get Famous
Game Packs installed : Jungle Adventure, Parenthood, Vampires, Outdoor Retreat, Spa Day
CC : present - and a lot of it, but a clean new save with no CC/mods isn't acting different (I know that the game has "cc residue" regardless, but I'm not going to re-install this behemoth of a game with all the packs)

So, if anyone has any idea how to fix at least one of these problems, please do tell.

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Re: Island Living is acting up

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The same thing happened in my game. I changed the lot from the residential to the park and now the NPC family lives in the park. Nevertheless, this "park" can always be visited. Do you have MCC in the game? This may be related to the "population" settings, but if you don't have this mod it is already reported much earlier game bug.

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Re: Island Living is acting up

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@kreatorayeah, I have MCC. I pray that the next version will take care of that and that I will finally be able to successfuly keep the population down... honestly there's just so. many. npcs.
BTW I managed to resolve the lot problem- keep bulldozing and stubbornly marking the lot as private and it will finally catch on by like 5th time Standard smile

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Re: Island Living is acting up

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I solved this problem in my game. After demolishing the building and leveling the area, I changed the purpose of this plot and the name. Change of the name of the plot BEFORE a new building is placed on it solves the problem  The game remembers the name, author and like, in this case, the purpose of this lot. Change the name erases everything.   I made sure that the saved park which I put there had the same name as this lot had. The trouble with unwanted tenants disappeared.

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