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Invisible stereo

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I bought a stereo and my sims picked it up, so i placed it down somewhere else and now its invisible. My sims keep turning it on and i cant turn it off or delete it. I tried saving the lot and then putting it somewhere else, its still invisible, i tried moveobjects on and it didnt work, it keeps playing music and it is very annoying. How do i delete it??

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Re: Invisible stereo

@0y1r95kn9pme  Smash everything with a sledgehammer.  I'm actually serious—this should delete invisible items along with everything else, and once you happen to find the stereo, you can reverse the other destruction with the Undo button and only delete the stereo itself.  You'll need to stay in Build or Buy mode the whole time, so you won't know whether your sims can still turn on the stereo, but you should be able to tell when you hit it by the extra cash you gain.  Destroying the stereo should be worth at least 60% of its initial value, for example the cheap §150 stereo's value bottoms out at §90.


Alternately, wait until your sims turn on the stereo again, and when you're using the sledgehammer, look for a message that says "cannot delete item in use."


It sounds like this is probably happening on your sims' home lot, but if not, you can enter Build/Buy mode from live mode by using the "testingcheatsenabled true" cheat and shift-clicking on the ground of the lot.  This does send home all sims when used on a community lot, so be prepared for that.


I don't work for EA. I'm just trying to help fellow players with their games.
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Re: Invisible stereo

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Thank you for the answer! since then ive built the house again from scratch with no stereos but if this happens again I'll try these methods!

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