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Re: Invention Glitch

by puzzlezaddict

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Invention Glitch

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So recently, I was playing The Sims 3 and had a sim with the inventing skill and career. At first, his skill and inventions were progressing smoothly, but then I ran into a problem.


Suddenly, whenever my sim would sit at the workbench and start inventing, everything he "invented" did not appear. The game had the initial sparkles and noise to completing an invention, but there was nothing on the workbench and I received no notification on an invention being completed. It was very rare for my sim to actually complete an invention and it appear, but at some point, this just stopped altogether.


The town I started in was Lucky Palms and I have taken my sim to university twice now. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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Re: Invention Glitch

@ManeEvent4U  I've never heard of the inventing skill or workbench being stuck in quite that manner.  Are you sure your sim hasn't already invented everything available?  It might be that the game rolls the "invent" scenario but then can't find anything new.  (This shouldn't happen either, of course.)  If you want to check, here's a list (scroll down); keep in mind that the air bender and claw dipper need to be installed from the Sims 3 Store.


At any rate, the simplest approach would be to delete and replace the workbench.  It's a good idea to delete the five cache files in your Sims 3 game folder in Documents\Electronic Arts as well; while troubleshooting, do this every time you quit the game.  For reference, they are:

  • CASPartCache.package
  • compositorCache.package
  • scriptCache.package
  • simCompositorCache.package
  • socialCache.package

If replacing the workbench doesn't help, try evicting your sim (from Edit Town) and moving him back in.  This will allow him to keep his job and relationships, but it will erase his promised wishes and opportunities.  So complete anything you don't want to lose first.  Once he's back in his house, use "save as" to rename the save (so you have a backup if you need it), quit, delete the cache files again, reload, and test.


If that doesn't help either, go to Edit Town and evict your sim again, save his house to the bin, bullldoze the lot, replace the house, and move him back in.  This is a bit more thorough than just evicting and replacing a sim.  Again, be sure to save as, quit, delete the cache files, and reload before testing.


I don't work for EA. I'm just trying to help fellow players with their games.
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