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Re: Invalid registration code

by kendyllpurple

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Invalid registration code

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I bought The Sims 3 Plus Pets several years ago. I played with the disk for a long time before the optical drive on my laptop stopped working. So, I registered my games on Origin so I could play without needing the disk. And that worked like a charm. Well, I got a new laptop a few weeks ago, and Origin is only showing that I have The Sims 3 and the University Life ep. So I tried typing in the registration code for the Pets ep, but it keeps saying it is invalid or has already been used. What can I do? (Also, on, it doesn't even show that I've registered The Sims 3 for some reason)


I've tried creating a case with EA Help, but the chatting option does not work for me. I've tried three times, and it wouldn't let me type anything.

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Re: Invalid registration code

@kendyllpurple  Once a code has been used, it can't be registered again, even in the same account.  So the error message you're getting is normal.  Is it possible that you created more than one account, or that you used different email addresses to create accounts in Origin and on the store site?  If so, then that's the issue.  The store and Origin share information, so adding a pack on one would add it to the other, and also make that code read as already used.


The usual first step to try to fix an issue of packs not appearing is to clear Origin's cache.  If that doesn't help, you can try uninstalling Origin "the hard way" and reinstalling.


If these steps don't help, or if you have two accounts, you will need to get in touch with EA support.  You could try a different browser—Firefox always works for me.  Or you could try calling during business hours (U.S. or U.K.); a phone chat might work better for you.  Be sure to change your location to the country you want to contact when you're on the EA help site.


I don't work for EA. I'm just trying to help fellow players with their games.
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Re: Invalid registration code

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I tried thinking back, but I checked all my email addresses and the only account I have is this one. So it doesn't make sense for my games to be "missing."


And since this is a new laptop, it can't be a problem with Origin. My eps are all there on Origin on my old laptop. This seems very much like an EA issue.


Also, I am using Firefox, so it's strange that the chat option didn't work. I'll try another browser or two, but I bet I'll have to end up calling them since they apparently don't have email.

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