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Re: Invalid email/password error

by Jesiiiibaa

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Re: Invalid email/password error

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I am having the same issue since yesterday. Steps I've tried to resolve it include:


a) "Changing" my password - I simply went and re-entered my old password as a new one;

b) Cleared my caches and cookies in Windows Edge and IE;

c Deleting the e-mail file in ''downloads'''

d) Deleting any items that I downloaded from the exchange in the last session where I could access online features in-game.


In summary: I am able to log into the Sims forums and Origin with my ''old email and password'' but when I try to log in through the game launcher I get a ''email or password invalid message''.


I have tried to contact an EA advisor; the waiting time states ''0 minutes'' and if you click on it it throws you back to the previous screen.

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Re: Invalid email/password error

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Thank you so much this helped me as well!! Have been looking for a solution to this for weeks <3

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Re: Invalid email/password error

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Just today I had this same issue. I didn't want to do anything TOO drastic, like uninstalling, so when the email file deletion didn't work immediately, I ran the Repair files option from the Origin Launcher. After logging in again to my Sims 3 launcher again, it finally recognized my password properly. Thought I'd offer this additional suggestion to hopefully save someone else a little frustration.

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Re: Invalid email/password error

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I have the same issue which is strange as I had just downloaded the game earlier today on a brand new laptop and played it for 5 hours only to buy something from the sims 3 store while in game and downloaded while in game though it didn’t download so I exited the game only for my launcher to not be logged in so I tried logging in from the launcher and the login box kept appearing evertime I pressed enter after putting in the password so I tried to enter the game and log in from the game but there it said invalid email/password. I don’t understand what happened. I know it’s not my password as I could still use it to login to the sims 3 store and origin app. I tried clearing the cashe and temporary files. I did find out though that downloading the game and all the store purchases I had bought over the years filled up my OneDrive so it might have been that? I don’t really know. I disabled the OneDrive and uninstalled my sims 3 game which sucks because now I loose those 5 hours trying to create a household!

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Re: Invalid email/password error

@darkdrea  Signing in at the launcher level doesn't always work; most people wait until the Main Menu.  If you're downloading from the store, you only need to login to your account at the store site.


Now that you're having issues, though, you could try clearing all your browser caches, including the one for Internet Explorer.  Even if you never use it, the launcher does.


clear IE cache:


There's also a file in your Downloads folder (in your TS3 folder in Documents) that's labeled [your email].bin.  You can try trashing this file to see if it helps.


I'm sorry that you had such problems with the game.  Just so you know, uninstalling TS3 entirely is usually not necessary to fix the issues that crop up from time to time.  The best troubleshooting technique is normally to drag your game folder out of Documents and then launch the game again.  You'll get a clean folder, and if you can play properly, you can start transferring your saves and other content into it from the old folder.


P.S.  The in-game shopping experience is a major resource hog and can drag down performance by a significant margin, especially in build/buy and CAS.  Your computer will run the game better if you turn it off.  Many of us don't login at all while playing, or only do so occasionally and for a specific reason.


I don't work for EA. I'm just trying to help fellow players with their games.
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Re: Invalid email/password error

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None of this worked for me. I have TS3 on a disc and don't use origin, could this be the reason why it's not working?

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Re: Invalid email/password error

@studio__savannah  Have you previously been able to login at the launcher and/or Main Menu?  If so, the problem is not likely to be due to your disc install, or we'd have a lot more reports of problems, and plenty of people still use discs.  (Of course, if you'd never registered your discs with Origin at all, your account wouldn't have TS3 on it, so I wouldn't expect you could login.)


I take it from your post that clearing Explorer's cache and removing your game folder from Documents didn't work.  (Did you repeat these steps together?  Just checking.)  The other thing you can do is clear all of your browser caches together, login to some other EA site like, change your password, remove your entire TS3 game folder from Documents again (it's fine to delete the new one if it doesn't have any content), and then try to login to the launcher or Main Menu again.


If this doesn't work either, please let me know, and I'll ask an EA community manager to look into this.  There are occasional login issues, but they usually get cleared up quickly.


I don't work for EA. I'm just trying to help fellow players with their games.
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