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Internet access?!?!?

by SouthernBeauty21

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Internet access?!?!?

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I downloaded the game to my pc. It worked when I had Internet access. Now that I don't have Internet access it won't open and says :

Windows cannot find ' UpdateTool.exe'. Make sure you typed the name correctly, and then try again.

I thought you didn't have to have Internet in order for it to work? Just when you install the game??

Please help!
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Re: Internet access?!?!?

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I'd say Install the game, Open it once to get into menu while on the internet.


Close it all the way down.  Put Origin in "Offline Mode", see if the game launches and plays.  


I believe if Origin is not open and you are not connected to the internet, origin will prompt "do you want to launch in offline mode" if it cannot connect.


If you for some reason want to remain connected to the internet but have Origin blocked off from it completely.  You can add a firewall rule to disallow Origin.exe connections. 

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