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Re: Insufficient Memory

by chelsthename101

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Insufficient Memory

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I just installed the new Jungle Adventure game pack and I had a message pop up saying 'Your computer has insufficient memory to run The Sims 4 with your currently installed pack(s).
I also have the same problem with C&D, so I haven't been able to use that expansion either.

I know next to nothing about computers, so I'm at a loss

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Re: Insufficient Memory

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You only have 4GB RAM and some of that is used by your graphics card so there is not enough left. Check the manual of your Laptop to see if you can upgrade the amount of RAM (this is likely the case). If it is possible take it to a computer shop and have them install more.

PS. Remember to inquire about price beforehand.

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Re: Insufficient Memory

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Hello can you help me? I need some help because I keep getting the insufficient memory error.


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Re: Insufficient Memory

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Like the other in this thread you only have 4GB RAM. Your Graphics driver is several years old. You need to update it. Finally you do not have a driver for your sound card.

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