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Installation issues

by pbmar_

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Installation issues

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So I bought a couple of prom dresses and shoes from the sims 3 store out of the prom set And when I went into the launcher it showed that it was perfectly installed. So I went into create a sim for my teen and it wasn’t there. So I clicked on my sim that was a young adult and I saw that the prom dresses ended up there instead of being in my teens create a sim. So I bought the dress again while in create a sim on my teen and it made me spend my money again so now I have 2 of the same dresses and now I don’t have my sim points anymore. Any help on how my dresses and shoes got to my young adult instead teen create a sim ? And if someone would be kind enough to give me my sim points back ? I also tried reinstalling the store content but it didn’t work Frown

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Re: Installation issues

@pbmar_  There are actually two separate dresses in the Homecoming set that are both called "Ravishing Roses Dress," and it looks like you bought both of them.  I'm guessing from your description that one version is for teens, and the other is for young adults—the two age categories can't wear each others' clothing.  The same may be true for the shoes as well, but I can't tell from the screenshot.


Unfortunately, you're probably not going to be able to get your points back.  Since this wasn't a store error (e.g. being double-charged for the same purchase), EA support probably would just tell you that it can't help.  You're welcome to try though.


If it makes you feel any better, you'll be able to get a lot of content for free if you time things correctly.  Since you own the basketball hoop, you can get this set for free when it's on sale:


And if you own that one, you get this whole compilation for free when it's on sale:


(A lot of the stuff isn't really my taste, but I wasn't going to turn down a rock climbing wall.)   In general, the rule is that if you own part of a set or compilation, you get a discount on the rest: you pay 90% of the total cost of the set minus 90% of the cost of what you own.   This applies whether you originally paid full price or got something on sale.  So you can make your points go a lot farther by planning out  your purchases in advance.


The store sales appear in a rotation that hasn't changed in years, so you can predict when a given item will be discounted, and by how much.  If you'd like to know how to best use the sales to your advantage, there's a thread on the official forums that covers the store sale rotation.  It's a lot of information to process, but if you post there, people will walk you through the details.


I don't work for EA. I'm just trying to help fellow players with their games.
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