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Insane Lag Since Latest Patch

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Though I've been having camera issues for the last week, my game in every other respect was working just fine. I play on a gaming laptop that's I bought brand new in Sept 2020, have 1TB SSD (about a quarter of which is free) and 16 GB RAM. 


I have about 1.6 GB of mods installed (mostly mods but some food CC. I don't use CAS or B&B CC) but have taken them out just to be certain that the issue was with the game itself. 


Since the latest patch that was supposed to fix a crashing issue (and some lag issues), I have been experiencing lag I've never had before (and didn't before the patch!). Even on the heaviest lots, my game runs fine, but now my sims take ages just to complete the simplest of actions (e.g. I tell a sim to eat - it takes 10-15 sim minutes to start walking over to get the food, another 10-15 minutes to open the fridge, another 10-15 minutes to return with the food, another 20-30 minutes to sit down, another 10-15 minutes to start eating...).


I have no idea what's going on, but my game has become burdensome to play. 


I would really appreciate some help. Standard smile


P.S. It seems to get worse whenever the game is anticipating a notification (e.g. 'so-and-so recently died/passed away' etc). I've tried deleting the notification feed so it doesn't get too 'heavy', but it has no effect whatsoever. 

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Re: Insane Lag Since Latest Patch

@BansheeHVO  Please try playing a new save in a clean user folder, just to set a baseline for performance.  Move your entire Sims 4 folder out of Documents\Electronic Arts and onto your desktop, and when you launch the game, a clean folder will spawn with no content.  Don't add anything to it yet; just start a new save and see how it runs.


If you see the same lag, please stop here and post a dxdiag.


If the new save runs fine, please copy over one of your existing saves, one you know has been lagging, but no other content.  (Since you're copying and pasting rather than dragging and dropping, you don't need to worry about the effects of missing mods and custom content.)  Let me know how it runs.


I don't work for EA. I'm just trying to help fellow players with their games.
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Re: Insane Lag Since Latest Patch

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@puzzlezaddictThanks so much for this advice.


I actually ended up creating another new folder, but this time I deleted my config override. I use Simp4Sims' graphic overhaul and for whatever reason, something must have gone wrong with my version, because after I decided to delete it, download the files again and reinstall them, everything started working as it should.


I had already created a new folder, playing only with the save in question and without the graphic override, my mods, tray etc, but had still experienced lag. At that point, I'd tried everything else - repairing the game, creating new folders, removing mods, double-checking for mod updates, doing 50/50s, starting with new saves etc... Switching out the overhaul files seems to have worked though.

As of 19:16 on 31st May 2022, it seems to be working just fine, so I think it'll be okay to close the thread. I am very grateful for your help, as always. 🥰

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