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Re: Infinite processing screen

by kawaiizion

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Infinite processing screen

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When placing a lot it says processing and it spins forever, I don’t get why it does this, especially since it worked the day before. Please help because I am tired of trying to make a certain home as the other times it crashes a different way.

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Re: Infinite processing screen

@kawaiizion  The issue may be that the game is out of resources; that's not uncommon after a long Edit Town session.  ET uses more resources than live play, and a well-progressed save will require more RAM to run than a new one.  Add a long play session (memory use rises the longer you play), and it wouldn't be surprising at all to see the game crash when you tried to place a lot.


The way around this is to build and decorate the lot in a completely new save, then save the work to the bin, then quit, delete the cache files in your game folder, and place the lot as soon as your existing save loads.  That's when the game's resource use will be at its minimum.  It's also a good idea to use "save as" to rename the save immediately after, so you have a backup in case your save crashes or starts to lag.


The reason the backup is important is because the issue might also be that there's something wrong with the lot you're trying to place.  It could be a bad custom content item, or just an overly detailed lot with too many objects for the game to handle.  Either way, such a lot will demand extra resources from the game engine, perhaps more than it can handle.  You might not see a crash every time, but having this lot in your game could still cause problems, now or later.


I don't work for EA. I'm just trying to help fellow players with their games.
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Re: Infinite processing screen

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@puzzlezaddict In that case is probably my lot and save, it has a very big family and the lot has a lot of stuff, I will get rid of some of it later today when I play. Thanks so much for your help, can’t wait to fix this.

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