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Individual Store Content not permanently being Installed.

by KaiserGray

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Individual Store Content not permanently being Installed.

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So I recently decided to buy one of the Gold editions of Sim 3 Dragon Valley which gave me quite a sim of sim points. I bought a bundle and several individual items that were medieval themed for the new dragon valley I hoped to enjoy. However I noticed that the individual stuff such as the pow wow fire pit wont perminanly install. The items are indicated as installed but after starting a game or restarting the launcher, the content is once again just downloaded and wont install. The launcher says they are installed successfully but only dragon valley, the celtic backyard stuff still installed and available in game. Everything else wont remain installed, I can reinstall them but that gives me the same issues that leads into this mess. Any ideas, store content would stall just fine before this as I got many tudor themed stuff and outfits a year ago. 

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Re: Individual Store Content not permanently being Installed.

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I am at a loss on what to do. Any suggestions? Anyone. 

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Re: Sims 3 store content will not install

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I'm having a similar issue and looked around online but couldn't find any suggestions. With me some things are installing and individual downloaded stuff is marked as installed but upon reopening the launcher or starting the game they are reset to not installed. I am at a loss of what to do. 

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Re: Individual Store Content not permanently being Installed.

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@KaiserGray  I merged your other post into this thread, since this is all just about one issue.  You don't need to post in multiple places; people will see your thread regardless.


If sounds like you have a corrupt .ebc file in DCCache.  These files contain store content bundled together, and a corrupt one behaves exactly as you've described.  The way to fix the issue is just to create a new .ebc file to contain the content.


First, use the launcher to uninstall all the store items that don't work in-game.  If the missing items include any worlds or venues, make sure the corresponding files are removed from InstalledWorlds or Library.  Then pull your entire TS3 game folder out of Documents and onto your desktop.  When you launch the game again—no need to go past the Main Menu—a clean folder will spawn with no content.


Go back to the store and download the items you're missing, then install them while the new game folder is still in place.  It's best to download and install  no more than half a dozen items at a time, as the launcher doesn't handle large amounts of data very well; worlds should be handled separately, not in a batch with anything else.  When you've installed everything, load a new save and make sure you're not missing any content.


If it looks good, quit the game again, and transfer your downloaded content into your old game folder.  Anything that landed in InstalledWorlds or Library can just be moved over, but your new .ebc file needs to be renamed so that it's numbered one higher than the highest one in your old game folder.  (For this purpose, you can ignore the .dbc files, with a D; they're custom content bundles and are read separately.)  So if you have dcdb0.ebc through dcdb4.ebc in your old game folder, name the new file dcdb5.ebc, and move it into DCCache with the others.


Now you can get rid of the new game folder you spawned and put your old one back.  Going forward, any new store content should install into the new .ebc file, so the older corrupt one won't be a problem anymore.


By the way, you didn't mention any issues with premium content, but if any of the items you're missing are premium, don't install those until after you've added the new .ebc file to your existing game folder.  There's another file involved with premium items, but you can skip the extra steps and just add those items at the very end.


I don't work for EA. I'm just trying to help fellow players with their games.
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