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Can't login to

by rachylala

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No reset for Forum Password, Can't Log In

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I'm trying to log in to The Sims Forums and I get a message that tells me I'm already registered and that my Username is sarawithanh and I just need to enter my password. I've tried entering several passwords, including my EA password, and it keeps telling me they're all wrong - but there is no "Forgot Password" button anywhere! How do I reset the password so I can login in? I can't register a new account either because clicking the register button takes me to the same page, "You're already a registered user. Your Username is sarawithanh. Enter your password." I just want to reset the password! Frown

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Re: No reset for Forum Password, Can't Log In

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Hey there @sarawithanh,


I merged your thread with this one because it looks like this is the same issue.


I'll drop you a DM and hopefully, we will be able to sort this for you. Standard smile 


- Leeloo 


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Can't login to

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Hi I was wondering if anyone coild help with this, I've tried contacting EA and also The Sims facebook page but not heard anything back yet.


When I try to login to it re-directs to EA and asks me to sign in there (which works fine), then takes me back to the foruim and says my username is already registered (rachylala) and to just enter my password. However my password will not work!


I've tried this on incognito mode and a completely new browser so I know it's not a cookie or cache issue.


There is no option to even reset this forum password so I can't get past the login stage.


Thanks in advance for any help!

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Re: Can't login to

@rachylala  I've merged your post with a longer thread on this issue.


I don't work for EA. I'm just trying to help fellow players with their games.
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Re: Can't login to

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Thanks! Fingers crossed hopefully someone will be able to help!

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