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I why does my sim get stuck in a room

by AlaynaBbbbbbb

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I why does my sim get stuck in a room

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So I’m playing the sims and they will go in the bathroom but they will get stuck and they will get stuck in there and won’t leave until they do it on their own. I will try and get them out of the bathroom to get things they need like sleep or food but they won’t do it and they do the wave thing and the sign of the walking feet with the x over it idk what this means 

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Re: I why does my sim get stuck in a room

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I've been noticing this happening a lot as of lately; usually when you see the bubble of "feet + path" it means that the Sim can't pathfind their way from the location they're starting at.


Things to look out for that help:


- Low-hanging lights

- Wall objects that inhibit movement.

- Countertops

- Small floor objects that inhibit movement. (Some dropped items also count towards this, such as folding tables.)

- Low-hanging ceiling objects (Fans, decorations, etc.)


I have this problem most frequently in basements and when I use short walls with larger lights; make sure you keep an eye on how high your walls are, where the ceiling is, and where objects are placed; these can all be taken into account when your Sim is attempting to move.


(As far as a Sim moving through these objects, for some reason there seems to be a difference in pathfinding between autonomous movement, and when you have your Sim directed to go somewhere. I am not sure what causes that, to be honest.)


- B

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Re: I why does my sim get stuck in a room

@AlaynaBbbbbbb Which lot are you playing ?

There's a known issue for Agave Abode:

Happy Gaming


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