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I've tried everything

by 04222005

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I've tried everything

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So I just recently bought sims 3 and was excited to get cc and mods you know stuff like that but once I put them in my game would not launch I looked at YouTube videos nothing helped I checked origin to see if I could Uninstall it then get it back but it wouldn't let me
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Re: I've tried everything

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This is The Sims 4-board, are you talking about that or The Sims 3? Standard smile

Anyway, if your game does not start with mods in it, you probably have some that are broken.


Remove all of them to see if the game works better.
For example, move the mods folder from C:\Users\Username\Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 4 to your Desktop and start the game. (or wherever they're in the Sims 3 if you're talking about that)


For Sims 3 I recommend this tutorial:


If that works but you want to keep your mods, you can try some different things to sort out the ones not working:

  • If your problem occurred after a certain mod haul, remove all these new mods (see if the game works), and then add back a few at a time, restarting the game in between until you see the problem occurring again. Remember that you can possibly have several broken mods.
  • [TS4 only] If the problem started after the latest patch/update, always make sure to update your mods when you update your game. Check this list out for some mods that were broken in the Jungle Adventure patch
  • [TS4 only] Download Sims 4 Studio and do batch-fixes for your cc.
  • [TS4 only] Search for the Mod Conflict Detector on google and run it, see if it can detect some broken/conflicting mods, remove these and try your game again. (Only detects conflicts between mods, not between mods and the game)
  • Like the first "solution", but for all your mods. Remove all and put back some at a time to find broken ones (last resort if you have like 1000 mods).

Good Luck!

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