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I can't customize my Sim's personality

by SiilverZeppelin

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I can't customize my Sim's personality

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I downloaded the free version of Sims 4, but when I'm creating my Sim I can't choose the personality?? I can only choose the aspiration (either athlete, chef, painter, or trend-setter) but when I do, it selects the traits for me, and I cant choose them by myself. It's really annoying, please tell me if this is a glitch or if the game is designed that way. I really want to customize my Sim's personality so this is really disappointing for me :P

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Re: I can't customize my Sim's personality


Hi @SiilverZeppelin 



did you choose to do the tutorial ? I think in tutorial mode you can't pick.


Just play through it and then you should be able to do some changes or play without it.

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Re: I can't customize my Sim's personality

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Hi guys!


 Unfortunately I have also been have these issues aswell I don't know what is wrong but am trying to figure it out still.


Have a good day


I'm back


Hello all! I have found out the issue! All you need to do is not click to answer the questions and you will have options for traits!


You welcome.


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Re: I can't customize my Sim's personality

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Sul Sul, everyone.


It appears thread necromancy has been performed on this older thread. To help avoid the spread of zombies, I'm going to go ahead and close it.


However, if you are having the same issues, please feel free to create a new thread and we'll be happy to help.


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