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I am having a strange issue with motives.

by springfairy556

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I am having a strange issue with motives.

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Alright, for some reason in my current household, the motives are barely draining.

And when they do, they automatically go back up on their own.


My sims do not have any of the lifetime rewards.Te needs are not set to static/dynamic I never touch that.



I have tried the following:


1.Reset the sim with cheats.

2.Reset the sims with MC

3.Evict the household and move back in.

4.Used the "move to new town" and moved to a new copy of the town.

5.Saved a copy of the household and house and created a fresh save.

6.Reverted back to an earlier save.


Now, here's what I did further on.


I backed up my entire Sims 3 folder.And pasted it in  safe place and deleted the other one.

I started fresh with no mods and everything seemed fine.


I REDOWNLOADED the mods folder from MODTHESIMS and put it in with absolutely no mods in the folder, except for the "test" mod they included.

And the issue occured again.


So it is something do with the mods folder itself I think because without the folder, issue seems okay,with it installed I have the issue, even if I don't have any mods installed.


Video of the issue:

So to show you the issue I dragged his hunger down.And left him a lone, watch it go back up by itself.

It even does this if I don't use cheats and let him get hungry naturally.


Has anyone experienced this?

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Re: I am having a strange issue with motives.

@springfairy556  I've never had that issue myself, and I don't think I've heard of it outside people who use "make needs static" and then can't turn it off again.  I can ask around to see if anyone else has seen or heard of this kind of thing.  In the meantime, my suggestions would be the usual troubleshooting stuff, most of which you've already covered.  You didn't say so, but I take it you've been clearing caches each time you quit, including when you added the mods framework?  That's the only obvious point, but you've probably already covered it.


I'd be happy to test your save a bit, to see if I can get something to fix the sims.  If you're interested, you can upload the save and PM me the link.  Or, if you prefer, you could just upload the sims themselves—their entry in Library would be better than a Sims3Pack.  Please also link (again in a PM, since it's a mod download) the mods framework that you're using, just in case there's something weird about that resource.cfg file.  The two sample mods have been used so many times, I can't imagine they'd be the issue, but it's easy enough to test those with your save as well.


Other than that, I'll ask if anyone else has seen this and get back to you.


I don't work for EA. I'm just trying to help fellow players with their games.
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Re: I am having a strange issue with motives.

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My save does have 3rd party hair in it.

And its in a world called Salem.


I did clear the caches, yes.


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Re: I am having a strange issue with motives.

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@springfairy556  I've been testing your household, and I haven't been able to reproduce the issue with or without the Mods framework in place.  I used the sims' homeworld, I saved them to the library and placed them in Sunset Valley, nothing.  I did get a message that some items were missing and had been replaced when I loaded their original house though.  So maybe the house itself has a cc item that's messing with their motives?  (It could still have been the hair you mentioned, but I have no way of figuring that out.)


If you save your sims to the bin, spawn a clean game folder, download and place the Mods framework, move their Library entry to the new folder (it will be the most recent one), and place them in Sunset Valley, do you still see the issue?  That's the cleanest way I can think of to test, besides with no mods at all, which you already know works fine.


I don't work for EA. I'm just trying to help fellow players with their games.
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Re: I am having a strange issue with motives.

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I know the house is cc free it was built by DNA build team and all their members are mod less and cc free the only cc Inhave in game is hair and clothing which could be causing the missing objects warning so I will give that a go when I get home

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