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I accidently merged new sims 3 file eith my old one

by 22121973a

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I accidently merged new sims 3 file eith my old one

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I did this and now i cant load my saved game, it loads my old one. My save file is still there but it just loads the wrong one. What should i do. Every file in The sims 3 folder is duplicated... 

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Re: I accidently merged new sims 3 file eith my old one

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@22121973a  Not knowing how your current folder looks, I can't say what's still there and what isn't, but you should be able to sort out what you still have.  However, if your old saves replaced the new ones, there may not be a way to revert.


Pull your entire TS3 game folder out of Documents and onto your desktop.  Launch the game to generate a clean folder, and then make a folder called Saves inside.  In your old game folder, inside Saves, you'll see a number of folders labeled with your save name(s).  Take one of these entire folders and transfer it into Saves inside the new game folder.  (Make sure that the save folder doesn't have any special characters in it.)  Launch the game, load the save, and see what you have.  Once you know, you can put that save aside and move one more save over for testing.


Keep in mind that you'll also have a number of save folders that have a .backup extension on the end.  These are viable saves too, but you have to delete the .backup on the end in order for the game to be able to use them.  It's a good idea to rename the save while you're at it—for example, SunsetValley.sims3.backup becomes SunsetValley1.sims3—so that you can keep them straight and don't overwrite one with another.


If you load a save and get a warning about missing objects, don't worry about it.  This means that some of your store or custom content isn't present in your new game folder, but you can always move it over later.  As long as you quit without saving your progress, it won't hurt the saves to be loaded this way.


Once you've figured out what save files you have available, you can transfer over the rest of the content from the old game folder to the new one.  Here's a list of relevant files:


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